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Respect for Others


At Mulberry Kids Preschool we highly value the group and the individual’s contributions to the larger community. We encourage inclusive play, mutual responsibility, cooperation, and self-respect as the building blocks for important first friendships outside the child’s family relationships. We encourage the kind of problem solving that can keep the group safe, active, and cooperative. As parents and teachers, we try to set the example as models for healthy group interactions through the work we do together in running the school.

Love for Peace


We work together for a peaceful environment. We learn to resolve conflicts and express our needs and feelings without hurting each other physically or emotionally. We value a kind, safe environment in which we learn to take the points of view of others and to think before we act or speak.

School and Family Working Together


We believe that the development of a child does not only happen in school.  We encourage the family to take part in some activities.  As much as possible, we set our programs on a Saturday to consider the busy and hectic schedules of parents.  Parents are given opportunities to take part in conceptualizing events that will be beneficial for the children.

Respect for Self


We recognize and value the unique differences that make up each individual in the school.  Mulberry family continually strive to foster respect for one’s choices. We believe it is important to promote self-esteem and recognize, support and encourage each individual’s abilities and successes.  

We try to foster an atmosphere of learning in which the child feels free to make mistakes – 
the first crucial step in learning.  By doing so we

in-still a belief in each child that his or her ideas, thoughts and feelings have value.

Curiosity and Love for Learning


We foster a love for learning by supporting children’s natural curiosity, perseverance, confidence and risk-taking in a safe and non-threatening environment. 

Our objective is for the child to embrace the love of going to school and to look forward to each new school day as another happy one spent learning and discovering. 

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