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June 21, 2017

As I prepare our kids for their first day of school, I reminisce the time I was still searching for the perfect school for Tabby, our firstborn. Since it was the first, I want everything to be how I envisioned it to be. I was imagining that perfect school who will help...

June 3, 2015



    Keeping a house clean and orderly is no easy task; and I am not even talking 

about immaculately spic and span here.  Just no shoes that I trip over, building 

blocks or toy soldiers that I step on, or books under the bed.  I believe that every 


“Mom, is this really a school?”, I overheard my student ask his mom. “Yes, it is. Why?”, replied Mom. “Because it‟s so much fun! Is it really a school?”, he continued in wide-eyed disbelief.


It is a common occurrence to hear people ask why therapy involves quite a lot...