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Why I Love Mulberry Kids Preschool by Karla Borromeo

As I prepare our kids for their first day of school, I reminisce the time I was still searching for the perfect school for Tabby, our firstborn. Since it was the first, I want everything to be how I envisioned it to be. I was imagining that perfect school who will help me nurture our child to be the best he can be. To extend what we teach at home in school. I want the school to continue on my discipline at home. To make him polite, respectful, thankful, prayerful, sociable and of course smarter. To bring out the best of his abilities while showing empathy to his fellow classmates. I want him to stand up for what is right & apologize when he is at fault. I searched by asking my kumare Abi since her husband is with DepEd. I checked online feedbacks. I checked physically the schools & even asked for a few days sit in. I had several questions in mind which I also asked the heads of each school. My OCness & meticulous side of me showed & I admit it because I do not want to commit a mistake especially when it involves our child's education. The schools I tried and checked out were all good. However, only one stood out. Why? I saw how the teachers were gentle yet firm with their students. I saw how they cared for each student. I saw how they loved each individual. I saw how they embraced the uniqueness of each student & believed that at the end of each day, the student learned something and the student is better than the previous day. I fell in love with Mulberry Kids Preschool because of that. I was with Tabby everyday when he tried the summer class. I saw how he blossomed to become more independent and how eager he was to go to school everyday. I saw and learned too while I was there. I learned that it's ok for a child to resolve issues on their own without help from adults. I learned their creativity shows through play. I learned how vast their imaginations are when you talk with each child. I learned that at an early age, children know the characteristics of a special child, and they know how to accept & adjust to the special child's needs. Students in Mulberry Kids Preschool are taught not only how to be polite, respectful, thankful, prayerful, sociable and smarter. They are taught how to love and emphatize. They are taught to accept their peers as individuals with different needs and different personalities. Now, as I prepare to bring our children (Thomas and Keandra) to school, I am happy and proud to say that Mulberry Kids Preschool has allowed me to stop searching for the perfect one because I already found them. I know my children are in good hands as I trek my own path in the corporate world again. PS. Daddy Leo also concurred Signed, Mommy Karla, proud Mulberry Kids Preschool parent

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