Tutoring your OWN kid can be fun and challenging at the same time. For some parents, it has become their bonding moment with their children.

Others have developed a relationship when it comes to the study habit formation.

However, there are also those times…

When parents are already too tired because of the daily grind we all face– drive from work, 8-5 non stop meetings in the office/ client calls, minding the grocery, meal planning, breastfeeding and even house management.

These things may cause us to have a little less patience than usual.

Imagine this scenario:

The LPG gas ran out in the middle of cooking dinner and now your nilagang baka is still as hard as stone.

It’s already 8 o’clock in the evening and your 3 year old daughter is already throwing tantrums because she is hungry and even your house helpers are hungry. Your husband is close to the house too from a two-hour traffic battle in EDSA. LPG delivery boy is still nowhere in sight.

Dinner is supposed to be cooked but it isn’t. You’re supposed to do many more things aside from helping your 5th grade son in printing his homework.

You don’t know what’s wrong but all of a sudden your internet slowed down and you cannot download the current event your son is supposed to submit tomorrow. (Then you realized that your toddler has been watching Peppa Pig on YouTube which caused you to reach your bandwidth cap so the internet is really expected to slow down.)

The printer also decided to act up together with the LPG and the internet. And now, you need to perform nozzle check, print check patterns before you can utilize it properly.

You are very hungry yourself.

Helping your son with his homework in AP by searching for a current event headline which the printer wouldn’t print, reviewing for a long test in pre Algebra which you have already forgotten and recapping previous lessons for a short quiz in Filipino tackling Pokus at Aspekto ng Pandiwa can really put too much pressure on you right now.

The intermission numbers of your son, (sharpening the pencils until the only thing sticking out is the eraser) are certainly not helping your patience either.

Your son also who seems to pee a little too often every time you are supposed to sit and study makes you want to scream already.

Your temper becomes shorter. Your patience becomes thinner.